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3 years ago
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Peach farms in Ontario

Peach farms in Ontario

Ontario leads Canada in peach production. In Ontario, july and august are top months for production of peaches. August is the perfect time to go to a farm tour and fill up your bags with fresh luscious peaches. August is regarded as the National Peach Month. As you know peaches are a good source of vitamin A, B and C. Peaches are very rich in vitamins, minerals and plant compounds. Peaches and apricots share the same growing season. A medium peach contains only 37 calories.

When the fruit turns completely yellow, peaches are ripe for the picking. There are some varieties of peaches that have a tinge of red and they hang relatively lower on the trees.

The two most commonly picked types of peaches are :

Semi- Freestone Peaches or Clingstone peaches:

These peaches are best for eating out of hand. Their flesh clings to the pit. Semi- Freestone Peaches include Springcrest , Early Redhaven, Harrow Diamond, Garnet Beauty, Harrow Dawn, Candor, Risingstar, Sunhaven, Harbelle and  Brighton.

Freestone Peaches:

These peaches are the easiest ones to eat. Their flesh easily gets separated from the pit. They are best for eating fresh and preserving. Their varieties include vivid,Harbite, Redhaven, Starfire, Harson, Harrowfair, Veeglo, Harrow Beauty, Loring, Allstar, Coralstar, Redskin, Harcrest and Glowingstar.

Here is a list of some peach farms in Ontario:

Keyzer’s Fruit Farm:

Keyzer’s fruit farm is open to the public for fresh picked and pick your own fruits. It plants fresh and local peaches for consumers. High quality fine peaches grown in Keyzer’s fruit farm.

Bridgman’s Farm:

It is 200 old family farm and an amazing place to bring the whole family. It is known for growing and offering season’s sweetest peach varieties.

Cherry Avenue Farms:

This farm is working from the last 218 years. It is located in the beautiful Niagara Peninsula. Cherry Avenue farms grow some very fine peach varieties that are less expensive. There are about 126 acres of orchards and more than 18000 trees on the property.

Parkway Orchards:

Parkway Orchards is situated on the Niagara parkway. They have pick-your-own fruit throughout the year. They grow pure local peaches and make freshly baked fruit pies.

Pardo’s Berrie Farm:

Pardo’s farm is run by a family and is specialized in small fruit production. It is situated on the shores of Lake Erie. Their peaches are sold by the 11 quart basket and the containers are also provided to people.

Great Lakes Farms

This farm produces three varieties of peaches including Harrow Fair, Red Heaven and Harrow Dawn.