Why Should you Choose IdoLocalFood

As we all know that organic food is GMO-free, and also free from other harmful chemicals such as pesticides, etc. It is grown using natural fertilizers. All these aspects make organic a rich source of pure nutrients. Besides growing crops organically also benefits the health of the planet.

A major concern while buying organic products is whether they are authentic or not? Hence, it is vital to choose a reliable source of organic food.

One of the most reliable sources for organic food is IdoLocalFood!

IdoLocalFood is a platform that connects local farmers with consumers of organically grown food.

Connect Directly with Local Food Producers

connect with local food producersWhether you need organic food for personal consumption or for your restaurant, Idolocalfood is one of the most genuine sources of organic food. Only local farmers list their products on this website. And, you can connect directly with them through this platform for fresh products.


To procure local food, you might need to go to a farmer's markets, etc. There again you will need to check if the farmer is truly local, etc. All this effort is time-consuming and inconvenient. Idolocalfood is an easy to use platform where you can order food of your choice at your convenience.

Buy the Best

Idolocalfood has several local farmers in the community. Therefore, you have a choice of products from different farmers on this platform. You can compare the products offered by different producers and choose the best according to your needs.

One Source for Multiple Products

Local fruits and vegetablesWhen you look for organic products, you may need to connect with different sources for different kinds of products. For instance, you might not find dairy products, honey, or meat products at a market selling organic fruits and vegetables. You will have to visit different markets so that you can procure the different products that you need.

Idolocalfood offers consumers one source for different types of organic products. Hence, you can select producers for each type of product and place your order.


Since Idolocalfood has listings by several local farmers from different parts of British Columbia, the buyers have a wide variety of products to choose from. You may be able to find many exotic products on our website which may not be available in farmers' markets.

Products available throughout the year

Most small farmers cultivate seasonal fruits and vegetables. As a result you may not be able to find non-seasonal products in farmers’ markets. Idolocalfood overcomes this shortcoming of farmers' markets because it has products of farmers who cultivate crops in the greenhouse also listed on the website. As a result consumers can find even out-of-season products on our website.

Go organic with IdoLocalFood!

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