How To Attract Bees To Your Garden

Bees are necessary pollinators for a healthy and productive garden. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your garden is attractive to bees.

How do bees help in pollination?

Honey beePollination is the transfer of pollen of one flower to the stigma of another flower of the same species. Pollination leads to fertilization of the flower which further leads to the production of fruits and seeds. Some plants are capable of carrying out pollination by themselves. However, most require external pollinators such as insects, bees, etc.

When bees visit a blossom in search of nectar, the pollen from the flower sticks to its body. And, when the bee visits another flower the pollen gets transferred there. This type of pollination results in healthy fruits with viable seeds.

Understanding Bees

Most of us are intimidated by the big fat bumblebees because we feel that they will sting us. On the contrary bumble bees are don’t bite or sting but just buzz around. And, if they are left alone they will not bother you. Therefore, discard your fears and make your garden attractive to bees.

How to attract bees to your garden?

1. Choice of Plants:

Bumble beesPollinators of different types are active during different seasons. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose plants that bloom from early spring to late fall.

It is a good idea to choose plants of varying heights with a range of flower shapes and sizes.

Native wildflowers are a popular choice among bees.

Flowers with one ring of petals are better for bees compared to double flowers in which pollen-laden anthers are replaced by an extra ring of flowers.

Blue, purple, and yellow flowers are attractive to bees as well.

Some examples of flowers that attract bees are shallow blossoms such as asters, daisies, zinnias, etc. Perennial plants such as coneflower, butterfly weed, poppies, and lilies are also useful.

2.Bee-friendly Habitat:

You will need to create a habitat in your garden where bees can thrive. A good nesting habitat can be created by preserving a small brush pile, areas with dry grasses and reeds, and deadwood.

3.Pest Control

Attracting bees and controlling pests at the same instance can be quite a challenge because pesticides are harmful to bees. Therefore, you need to think of alternative ways to control pests in your garden.

Some effective techniques for pest control are:

In case you have no option but to use pesticides, avoid using them on open blossoms and when pollinators are present.

4. Provide them Cover

Planting ground cover can provide bees the necessary place to protect them from sun and heat between feedings and flying.

5. Plant flowering Fruits and Vegetables

Planting fruits such as strawberries, apples, that blossom before bearing fruit attract bees as they provide them the necessary nectar.

Planting vegetables such as tomato and zucchini is also a great option to attract bees.

Try these tips and grow healthy flowers and fruits in your garden by attracting bees!

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