Food Sustainability

Sustainable agriculture

It is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. "What you can do - and ask others to do - to help make our food and farming system fit for the future"

What is Sustainable seafood?

Sustainable seafood is seafood that is either caught or farmed in ways that consider the long-term vitality of harvested species and the well-being of the oceans, as well as the livelihoods of fisheries-dependent communities.

Principles of Sustainable food

Sustainable food takes into account environmental, health, social & economic concerns and consists of eight inter-related principles. Although few progressive food ventures meet all of the principles below, this definition is an underlying aspiration to drive awareness-raising and change within our organisations and the wider food system:

  1. Local & seasonal.
  2. Organic & sustainable farming.
  3. Reduce foods of animal origin & maximise welfare standards.
  4. Excludes fish species identified as at risk.
  5. Fair-trade-certified products.
  6. Promote health and well being.
  7. Food democracy.
  8. Reduction of waste and packaging.
What can we do to achieve sustainability?
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